What to Eat for Healthy Skin

Nowadays, many women and men as well are preoccupied about how their skin looks. It is without a doubt, very important to take care of it, in order to look and feel fantastic as well. Therefore, the secret is to eat as healthy as possible, and also use the right skin care products. For those who are interested in this subject, here is what to eat for healthy skin.

Olive oil

It is highly recommended to use olive oil on all your salads, due to the fact that about 75% of the fat that this oil contains, is monounsaturated fatty acids, which play a very important role in the youth boost. Furthermore, the polyphenols that olive oil contains can also quench damaging free radicals. Therefore, you certainly need to add olive oil to your future shopping list, if you want to stay healthy and have an incredibly beautiful skin.


Tomatoes don’t only taste absolutely incredible, but they also seem to have a very positive impact on your skin. Due to the antioxidant called lycopene that tomatoes contain, your skin’s natural SPF will be highly improved. It is definitely not a replacement for sunscreen, but it will certainly help you maximize the results, and therefore, have a healthier and more beautiful skin.


Oatmeal is delicious, but did you know that has some health benefits as well? It actually increases the production of hormones known as androgens which will cause the sebaceous glands in your skin to secrete a lot more oil that is trapped inside your skin pores, causing pimples.


Your skin needs Omega 3 fatty acids in order to stay healthy and beautiful. The best thing you can do in order to obtain this result would be to eat walnuts every two or three days. This is a good replacement for those who are not eating fish, for example.

Grilled meat

No matter what type of meat you decide to eat, make sure it is grilled. This way, it will not contain fats anymore, and your skin’s health will not be affected. A gas grill would be absolutely perfect for the result you need to obtain.

Orange peels

Studies have shown that people who eat orange peel or lemon zest, have a decreased risk for squamous cell carcinoma than the ones that don’t. The orange juice or the fruit itself is not as beneficial as the peel. The compound called limonene that orange peel contains, provides UV-protective benefits. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy skin and also protect it from the sun, then you need to consume orange peel. Overall, it is very important to know exactly what to eat for healthy skin, in order to look and feel absolutely incredible.