Makeup Tips for a Natural Look

If you want to look as natural as possible, but you still want to apply some makeup on to enhance certain traits and to mask your flaws, you can use makeup to create the perfect natural look. But this isn’t an easy task at all because you must know what makeup to use and how to apply it. Otherwise, the products that you apply won’t blend in and you won’t have the desired natural look. To find out some great expert makeup tips for a natural look, read the following lines.


The first thing that you must do when you go for the natural look is to apply a tinted moisturizer. It will blend in with your skin tone while evening it out. Also, most tinted moisturizers contain SPF, which makes them great for protecting your skin against the damaging rays of the sun. By applying this first layer of tinted moisturizer, you will keep your skin nourished as well, ensuring that it won’t get dry.

Apply concealer

To keep the need for foundation as minimal as possible, you must apply concealer to the blemishes that cover your face, and around your eyes. The concealer that you choose must have the same color as your skin tone if you’re going for a natural look. Also, make sure that you apply the concealer directly on the blemishes and around the eyes. Avoid overusing concealer at all costs. Otherwise, you will have a very fake look.

Apply powder foundation

First of all, you must make sure that you’re using the right foundation. Avoid using a foundation that is lighter or darker than your skin tone. When you apply the powder foundation, make sure that you apply it underneath the jaw line as well. If you stop at the edge of the face, a clear line will form where the foundation ends and it will look like you’re wearing a mask.

Add a subtle blush

Peach colored blushes tend to look good on everyone, no matter the skin tone. Therefore, blend in the peach colored blush of your choice with your natural cheekbone line. This way, you will accentuate your jawline in a subtle and pleasant way, giving your face a more pleasant shape.

Add a thin layer of mascara

If you have naturally long and dark lashes, you can go without mascara when creating the natural look. Otherwise, you should add a thin layer on your lashes to make your eyes pop out. No matter your natural hair color, go with a dark tone of mascara because if you apply a thin layer, it won’t be too obvious anyway.

Use a nude colored lipstick

Of course, you have to make sure that you’re wearing a lipstick that fits in well with the natural look that you’re trying to create. Go with a nude colored lipstick to achieve this look. It will give the needed color to your lips to make them stand out, but it won’t give you a flashy look that will distract from the natural look of the rest of your face either.