How Hard Water Affects Your Skin and Hair

A beautiful and clean skin will always make a person look and feel beautiful. Most people deal with hard water in their homes, which can cause several problems, not only to the skin but to the household appliances that use water to run as well. Therefore, in order to know how important it is to protect your health, here is how hard water affects your skin and hair.

What is actually hard water?

If soft water accumulates minerals via soil, sand, and rocks as well, then it becomes hard. It will actually be infused with mineral salts like magnesium and calcium as well. Therefore, it can damage your skin, hair and your household appliances that run on water as well.

What does it do to your skin and hair?

Are you actually wondering what exactly affects your skin and hair? If so, then is the magnesium and calcium that are the real skin&hair ruiners in hard water. If you use hard water for a long period of time, then you might deal with several problems. For example, your skin and hair might become extremely dry. Hard water makes it very difficult to rinse away the soap from the surface of your skin, and this will definitely lead to a very dry skin and irritated as well. This is even worse for those who deal with eczema or psoriasis. When it comes to your hair, the results are also negative. Your hair might feel filmy, dull, straw-like, and limp as well. Furthermore, your scalp will feel dry and itchy, which will definitely make you feel uncomfortable. There is another negative effect that hard water might have on your hair. It can actually cause color-treated hair to wash out very quickly, and this will obviously lead to more frequent color treatments, which will certainly damage your hair.

What can you do about it?

If you want to avoid this sort of problems, then you need to install a water softener in your home. These units actually reduce the mineral content in your water, straight from the tap. With a device like this, you will definitely obtain a soft water, which will not damage your hair or skin either. Moreover, all your household appliances that run on water will last a longer period of time. There are certainly many benefits of using a device like this.